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EDM on Steam ready to Wishlist

Today marks the closing of one chapter and the beginning of another. I spent close to 8 years working on this game all in effort to get EDM in state where it can be sold. Yet here I am staring at a store front for something I have worked long and hard on. While I had aimed to have it ready and already for sale on Steam, like many times before, plans changed. I spent the two weeks I had wanted to have the game submitted for review, working on the game to polish and refine it, fix errors and get the performance to a spot where it should be.

Starting this weekend I will begin work on the next update and hope to push it out a few weeks after the game is available for purchase on steam. I will be working on the combat system going forward starting with the animations as I feel they are the foundation of the combat system. I will also start weekly progress reports here on the site and do monthly updates on Steam. While some things I won’t show a behind the scenes on, I will definitely do a write up of what was worked on this week. My goal is to have version 1.0 finished by May 2023. I plan to have the combat system finished along with additional VFX, SFX and Music. Here’s to tomorrow! The journey has only just begun.

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