EDM - Logo V2
Game Overview:

External-Dimension Mainframe (EDM) once known as Project ZERO is a project that CVM | Vanish Mantle began during college. The original vision was to create a difficult platformer in the same light as Super Meat Boy or I Wanna Be the Guy. However, after the initial demo, the game took on a new form. Drawing inspiration from the Megaman Zero and the ZX series as well as ideas from the Super Smash Bros. series, Tales of series, and Odin Sphere, External-Dimension Mainframe became a game shaped by the mechanics of many beloved titles. Thus, a new accessible and technical action platformer was born.

While the first public demo will not feature the planned combat system, it will feature multiple stages, saving/loading, and the Frame Hybrid Movement System (FHMS).

Plot Overview:

The game takes place on the Motherboard called Spectrum-O16-88, located within a world known as Mainframe, a Server connected to the vast Web-Space. In recent months, Motherboards have been under fire by a group known as the Corrupted all over Mainframe. These events have now spread to Spectrum-016-88 Tasked with protecting the Motherboard, the organization known as Console must combat this ever-growing threat…

But public trust in Console wains as the attacks grow more frequent and powerful. Without a safeguard, chaos ensues and the struggle between the Viruses and the Clean erupts towards an unprecedented scale. 

Despite the efforts of the Data Scanners, the Corrupted are now growing faster than they can be contained. With the Viruses and the Clean now on equal footing, a growing suspicion looms–a person of great influence must be backing the Corrupted. The Scanners Frame and Drive must find this unknown entity and stop the Corrupted’s assault before all of Mainframe is destroyed.