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Ver. [Early Access] Release

Today marks a special day for me as it is my birthday but it is also the day when I have release this game I have spent nearly 8 years working on. This began as a simple senior year college project and blossomed into something far more involved. I initially had planned to have the game out on Steam however as how life goes, things changed. I ran into a number of issues within the code that needed to be resolved. Added in new VFX and laid the ground work for the Combat System.

My update post back in March 2022 talked about  what would be next however there was next to no update on this site or anywhere for that matter. Some things I want to hold back and tease as I like being able to surprise people with new updates. Look forward to a new trailer by the end of the year teasing the bosses that Frame will be fighting. There won’t be many updates in the way of showing what they look like but do expect some behind the scenes content detailing aspects of the game including the original college project.

I want to express my sincere thanks for all who have stuck with me through this. We are almost there and I am beyond excited to share this experience with all of you. Be sure to grab Ver. below and if you run into any issues please send a report via, report@creativevirtualmagi.com. I will look into to getting ticketing system setup so that proper reports can be made outside of email. Thanks for your time.

Ver. Change Log

  • New Game and Load Game no longer goes straight to Stage Select
    • Character and Difficult Selection is available when Starting a New Game or Loading a Save file
  • New Menu for the upcoming Combat System
    • Can customize combos for all 9 weapons that will be available later
      • No weapons are currently in the game and is merely a placeholder at this time
  • Virtuastep complete redesign of the stage. Still maintains the concept of an Auto-Scroller
  • New death animation
  • New burst Effect
  • New Checkpoint and Switch SFX
  • Improved Performance
  • New Hidden Movement Options added
  • Damage state changed from a flicker to a White Flash Effect
  • Visual Guide Practice Stages reworked

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