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Stage Updates – Version

Bugs and Fixes

  • Fixed Crash on Final Stage completion
  • Fixed Rank being awarded after completing the final stage
  • Death animation adjusted to face the direction the character was facing at the time of death
    • Other minor fixes and adjustments, Like stage Personal Best Saving and hazard flash speed, etc.

Stage Updates

  • Redesigned Parts of  R0-5383D CPU that did not play well or were tedious
  • Redesigned the Initial segment of Modular G8 prior to the first check point as it was confusing or tedious
  • Complete Redesign of UPS Type – 2 as the stage had not been revamped in over 4 years
  • Added new stage Element, One way platforms that Frame can jump through but can also stand on or wall slide on the flat face of it
  • Minor adjustments to other stages to make sections in other stages more player friendly

The plan was to start working right away on the combat system however I discovered some issues and things that needed to be updated before I could start focusing on the combat system at this time. A lot of the work done for this update was just play testing the new stage revisions/reworks/updates that were made. Even now I am sure the stages that got adjustements could use additional work to imnprove the over all quality and feel of the. Howevere If I want to get the Combat System done in 6 months from the release of the game on steam, I will need to just get things to a serviceable level and keep track of the situation the event that quickfix/hotfix needs to be pushed to the game.

Going forward I will be doing updated between the 9th – 16th of each month. I wanted to lock down a specific day however that just is not possible to do at this time. I had wanted to have this update out and ready for players on the 9th of this month, December. That did not go as intended and as such I will aim for the previous date raging going forward. For more specific please be sure to reach out via Discord, Steam or Twitter as those are channels that I check on a consistent basis



The next update I am planning to have the combat system ready including the customizable combo system weapon select and a means to test those things out as what is already in the game via the Visual Guides. My focus will be on setting up and testing the system to make sure it works with the Movement System in a way that feels good. In addition there will also be a boss fight and enemies in the demo via one off level as this will be my way of testing the system and getting it set up for future playable characters. While there may not be a lot to show during the next update, that work will be very important for laying a strong foundation for what is to come.

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